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Why Triangle Turf is Your Best Choice for St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia Grass Sod!

At Triangle Turf Company, our primary goal is to produce the highest quality turf grass available anywhere. The extra care we put into growing, harvesting, and delivering our St. Augustine, Zoysia, and Bermuda grass sod will pay off for our customers for years to come. We have many years of experience in growing grasses specially developed to thrive in the demanding climates of San Antonio and Austin, so if youʼre looking for first-quality grass sod for projects in those areas or elsewhere in South and Central Texas, please give us a call at 1-800-753-5182 or 1-979-244-2496.


To achieve the kind of quality we demand for our turfgrass products is not easy. It requires planning, preparation and a whole lot of extra effort. We begin with a computer analysis of a new field to determine how to contour it to provide the precise drainage needed, to promote the healthiest turfgrass plants with the strongest root systems possible. Then we bring in laser-guided grading machines to contour our field so it matches the computer's recommendations.


Laser-guided grading machine

We begin our growing year by collecting soil samples from each turfgrass field to help us plan our fertilization program for the year. Our analysis of our soils will show the changes from year to year in pH, nutrients, micronutrients and organic matter. From this data, we adjust our fertilization program to ensure that we continue to produce the healthiest turf possible. To foster growth and to prepare our grass for harvest, we use a granular fertilizer to apply nitrogen every twenty to twenty five days, which produces lush, green grass. We use a GPS guided, airflow Terra Gator fertilizer truck (seen on the left). It applies fertilizer across a sixty foot width, and uses an air flow system to each nozzle opening in the boom. The nozzles are spaced evenly across the applicator boom, and they are shielded to direct the fertilizer down, which provides perfect, uniform coverage every time.


Others in the turfgrass sod industry use a pull-behind, slinger buggy that distributes fertilizer in a fan-like coverage (similar concept to a home fertilizer spreader). Inevitably a heavier rate of fertilizer is applied directly behind the buggy and less is applied to the outer coverage area resulting in streaks of lighter and darker areas in the turfgrass. Since the grass in the field is streaked with light and and dark green colors, there is no guarantee of color consistency throughout pallets or truck loads of turfgrass sod. Our Triangle Turf Company GPS-guided fertilizer truck is one of the reasons why we have a consistent product every time and why “the grass is always greener on our side of the fence.”

GPS-guided fertilizer truck

John Deere Sprayer

John Deere Sprayer

Our herbicide and fungicide applications are applied with a John Deere sprayer as seen on the left.  This machine is GPS guided and has an onboard spray system that applies the chemical with accuracy down to the ouce per acre.  It has a 90 foot spray width and can travel up to 25 mph while maintaining perfect uniformity.  There are other much cheaper machines that could be used to make our spray applications that are not nearly as technology advanced.  Many growers use pull-behind trailer-type sprayers that are not nearly as consistent or accurate with the application of chemicals. 

To control unwanted plants, we first apply Attrex or Simazine, which prevents unwanted weed seed from emerging. Then, to eliminate weeds that find their way into our fields after our grass is growing, we use post-emergent herbicides. Through the timely, responsible use of these herbicides we can control all unwanted plants, with the exception of Common Bermuda grass in our St. Augustine grass fields.

Since there is no herbicide available which will kill Common Bermuda grass that does not also kill St. Augustine grass, we eliminate the Common Bermuda grass by spot applying the herbicide Glyphosate. To do this, we walk a line of people across our fields, and they mark each small patch of Common Bermuda grass with a wire flag. Then we come back and hand spray the Common Bermuda grass with Glyphosate to eliminate this type of Bermuda grass from our different varieties of St. Augustine grass, Zoysia grass, and improved Bermuda grass.

Spot Sprayer


Broadcast spraying and hand spraying add extra work and expense to growing our high-quality turf grasses, but to us, the effort and cost are worth the expense. To meet our demanding product standards, our turfgrass sod must be free from unwanted grass and weeds. We also apply insecticides to our fields so that we do not ship insects, such as fire ants, mixed in with our turf grass pallets.

Automated Irrigation System

Rotary Mower

Reel Mower

Using both conventional and advanced, automated irrigation systems, we apply both water and liquid fertilizers to our grass at exactly the right intervals to assure the strongest, healthiest plant possible.

When our Triangle Turf grasses are nearing the point of being ready for harvest, we use high speed rotary mowers to insure quality of cut and top conditioning of the grass. Once the sod reaches a mature state, we begin maintaining our grasses with state-of-the-art reel mowers. Many growers feel that the cost of these reel mowers make them too expensive to use. Triangle Turf Company feels the quality of the cut we receive from the scissoring effect type cut is well worth the additional cost of the mower. As noted from the pictures of Triangle Turf Company mowers, the large size of these modern reel mowers make it feasible for us to mow our grass every three days, to ensure the best job with the least amount of stress to the sod.

Reel Mower
Rotary Mower


At harvest time, we bring in machines that sweep off thatch, slice up a section of sod and cut it into squares, which are then loaded on pallets. With the machines we currently have, we are capable of harvesting one tractor-trailer load of sod every twenty minutes. This allows us to handle your order quickly and efficiently. Triangle Turf can also harvest a 30 inchwide big turf grass roll. These larger sod rolls can be used on large, open jobs to improve installation efficiency.


We grow our sod in a clay based soil which holds together extremely well after it is harvested. This is important not only for ease of handling during shipping and planting, but also, since our soil clings around the roots, it affords a greater deal of protection to our grass between harvest and placement.

Truckload of 30" rolls


Installed Triangle Turf Grass

When you are ready to buy your St. Augustine, Zoysia, or Bermuda grass sod, ask your turfgrass dealer if he or she is providing grass from Triangle Turf Co. If the answer is “yes,” then your sod dealer is providing you with a quality turfgrass product that you can trust. And remember that when it comes to first-in-quality turf grasses, the grass really is greener on the Triangle Turf side of the fence.

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